MIRIAD, The Rooms

Solo Exhibition at the Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, curated by Mireille Eagan,  March 16 – April 28, 2013


mriad exhibition panorama

About the exhibition

 MIRIAD provides an opportunity to consider the varied ways that one can navigate imagination and truth, the scientific and the subjective. It asks us to consider the importance of wonder.

In 2012, the artist organised a series of expeditions with members of the public to an “unknown island” in the region, named here as “The Island.” The outings were a playful blend of scientific inquiry and games. Each participant adopted the role of an “expert” in a field completely different from their normal pursuits. An artist became an anthropologist, and a scientist became a shaman. Imaginative scenarios were strung together as evidence was collected to support their findings.

During her subsequent residency at The Rooms, Jones invented the institutional acronym MIRIAD (Ministry of Intuitive Research in Imagined and Actual Discoveries). Acting as a researcher for the organisation, she has constructed “The Island” as the researchers imagined it collectively, translating their conjectures into drawings, sculpture, and installation.

Philippa Jones: MIRIAD was produced as part of the Elbow Room Residency Series. Acting as a  ‘laboratory’ for emerging artists, the three month residency results in a new body of work, bringing new art to new audiences.

You can read the accompanying essay ‘MIRIAD: An exercise in rational amusement’ by Curator Mireille Eagen here. 

You can find out all about the MIRIAD project and view documentation of the expeditions here

MIRIAD was reviewed by Gloria Hickey for Cmagazine, you can read it here
Gloria Hickey’s blog post ‘Artist as Sudo- Scientist’ can be read here

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