The Expanded Place

The Expanded Place was a solo exhibition, Fall 2016, at the Christina Parker Gallery.


‘In 2001 inherited a trunk from my Great Aunt ‘Tante Thea’. Born in Holland, surviving her teenage years during WW2, Thea studied Science in England. Her speciality was the burgeoning field of Quantum Mechanics. Restricted by sexism and finances Thea abandoned her academic study and became a wife and mother. Her lab partner Dr. Stuart Greenhalgh remained in close contact with Thea, writing to her regularly. These letters were part of my inheritance. I found them folded in a little tin box in the bottom of the trunk along with his field notebook from an expedition to an area he referred to only as ‘The Expanded Place’. Photography did not work in this area so Dr. Stuart Greenhalgh created detailed drawn observations.  Below are scans from this notebook. I shall add to the available pages regularly over the next year. The Letters will be published pending permission from the relatives.

Fascinated by Greenhalgh’s unpublished discoveries I decided to further research ‘The Expanded Place’ through MIRIAD. I led Expeditions to MIRIAD Island in 2012/13  , the results of which are published on this site.’

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Below are extracts from the field journal

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