Land of Mirrors: ongoing experiments in Newfoundland-


Eastern Edge Gallery
January 23rd – March 2nd 2016

Michael Flaherty
Will Gill
Philippa Jones
Jerry Ropson
Jason Wells
Curated by Mary MacDonald.
Read the review written by Lisa Moore for Canadian Art Magazine

Opening reception: Saturday, Jan 23 7-9 PM
Artist Panel: Critical refractions through storytelling
January 24th at 11am -1pm. Free. All welcome.

Newfoundland is an imaginary island. On abandoned beaches and inside artist studios there are new forms to be made from the old. A figure in dazzle camouflage is seeking refuge on the barrens, a queen offers pieces of herself, and a group of people trying to escape.

For generations Newfoundland has ignited a rich imaginary for its residents, visitors, and those who pour over maps. Many are swept away by its stories or enchanted by its geographies. But what does Newfoundland dream about now? What cultural imaginaries do artists reflect, what new images and ideas splinter and refract? In a place where gesture and humour are currency and magic and ritual are real contemporary artists Michael Flaherty, Will Gill, Philippa Jones, Jerry Ropson, and Jason Wells investigate the boundaries of this phantom island. Curated by Mary MacDonald.

Land of Mirrors features the Further Fictions Library: A micro-collection of some of the province’s most compelling and exciting voices exploring the idea of a Newfoundland imaginary and the glimmering edges of North Atlantic Gothic literature. Selected by curator Mary MacDonald. Sponsored by Broken Books.

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