‘Fragments for your imagination to hold’

‘Fragments for your imagination to hold’  Christina Parker Gallery- June 12- July 4, 2015

The imagination is an intangible flighty thing. It runs my thoughts boldly throwing out pictures and sensations, it takes me places I cannot travel and it enables me to understand. (Yet it is shy)

To look at the imagination square on is to lose it. For me, preserving the imagined moment as a static drawing is an exercise in futility. I cannot hold one image steady, despite my best efforts it won’t sit still. It evolves, morphs, distracts. The idea I start with is never where I end up and if it did turn out just as intended…how boring. Where was the revelation, the surprise discovery at what came out of my head and grew through my fingers?

I create from spills and build images from drawn repetition, trying to kid my imagination that I am not observing it as it works. I find these drawn patterns reflect the building blocks in nature and at the moment the fractals of crystals resonate through me. As I work I let my thoughts run, pictures come and go, the drawing has potential as infinite as my imaginings. When I am finished there exists a moment, a drawing of something that didn’t exist before. For me it encapsulates all that I thought while I drew and for the viewer it is what it is, a world, a substance maybe an experience perhaps a fragment for your own imagination to hold.

Please contact Christina Parker Gallery with any inquiries regarding this body of work

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