Artist Biography

Philippa Jones has been a St. John’s based artist since 2009. Prior to moving to Canada Jones completed a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Interactive Art & Design at University College Falmouth. Jones’ diverse art practice has included and sometimes combines printmaking, painting, pen and ink, animation, art games and interactive installations. Central to Jones’ work is the exploration of constructed realities, active myth making, wonder and the inquisitive mind. Jones has exhibited at; The National Gallery of Canada, The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery NL, Beaverbrook Art Gallery NB, Two Rivers Gallery BC. Jones’ work is collected by the National Gallery of Canada, The Rooms collection, The Newfoundland provincial art bank and the City of St. John’s. Jones is the Director of Eastern Edge Gallery

Artist Statement

In my art I aim to create a space into which the participant can project their imagination and to some extent determine their own experience. I believe that reality is constantly evolving. We create and reinforce realities boundaries, through art I attempt to shape the sensory experience, to distort reality, understand its constraints and potentially subvert it. By subverting reality I hope to foster a sense of the possible for participants and viewers of my work.

I have previously mapped dream worlds, explored and charted imaginary islands and proven the existence of a bubble that traps us in the winter. Currently I am exploring the finite reality of death as we experience it in life, alongside the imaginary potential the ‘world beyond’ has.

My installations combine emerging digital technology with traditional art, user participation and play. I use scientific and religious aesthetics within my work, co opting the visuals of authority and the establishment to explore the parameters of our agreed upon reality and attempt to legitimize the imaginary, the intuitive. I create spaces for wonder, what is real, what is true, and foster a sense of the possible in my viewers.



Philippa Jones
Tel: 709 727 7323

Gallery Representation
The Christina Parker Gallery

50 Water Street, St. John’s, NL
Tel: 709 753 0580